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Welcome to the New Core Raven, This Net Station Is Dedicated to all things Armored Core. From this day on if you think you got what it takes to become a New Core Elite AC pilot or Elite AC Engineer then Welcome to your new home Raven. Here you will be able to chat with other Pilots and Engineers, and you will find AC designs and Saves Logos Information Rankings and much more.


UPDATE 05/02/2001: Welcome to the first day of New Core A web site Made by an Armored Core Fan for Armored Core Fans. I will continue to maintain this site as long as you the fans continue to support it. If you have any questions or suggestion's feel free to send them to the Core. Your Friend and web master Shadow

UPDATE 05/04/2001: I Have Added a new AC Design Submit form the new one is totally online just fill in the fields and submit, your submit will be reviewed and posted ASAP. :)

UPDATE 05/05/2001: I have posted an emblem that Thor64 made it has to be seen to believe if you like Star Wars Check it out.

UPDATE 05/05/2001: I Added a new on site Chat service In the Pilots Lounge Much better then the Old one feel free to try it. :)

UPDATE 05/06/2001: I added a small intro video showing of my amazing video editing skills NOT!!! But take a look at it.

UPDATE 05/15/2001: thor64 has given us his download tool I am still playing with it my self but its one hell of an Emblem editor you can import bit maps and turn them in to Emblems and put them on your AC its so cool give it a try.

New Core Elite AC Pilot Net

New Core Elite AC Engineers Garage.

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